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C'est Prune: Mädchen Amick

Alice Cooper, anyone? We know you’re as excited as us for the return of Riverdale tonight, so we have a surprise for you. Cue, the beautiful Mädchen Amick. We’ve been living for Mädchen since the early 90s, with her role as Shelly Johnson on the cult crime series Twin Peaks by David Lynch and appearances in some of our favorite shows including Dawson’s Creek, Gilmore Girl’s, American Horror Story, and Gossip Girl. Be sure to watch her as a leading lady tonight, but not before you read her interview!

Editor In Chief: Michael St. Michael @michaelstmichael

Interview x Story: Dylan Jader @thedylanjader

Photography: Storm Santos @stormshoots

Makeup: Emily Moses @emilymosesmakeup

Hair: Louise Moon @louisemooninc

Wardrobe: Caitlin Eucker @caitlineucker

Location: Malibu Modern Paradise @malibumodernparadise

PRUNE: Describe yourself in 150 Characters or Less

MÄDCHEN: I am a whimsical gypsy at heart, fierce protector of my family, and born to advocate.

PRUNE: Your biggest virtue

MÄDCHEN: I am always truthful.

PRUNE: Your biggest vice?

MÄDCHEN: I'm a sucker for beer and cheese. I guess it's my German blood.

PRUNE: Favorite Quote?

MÄDCHEN: "This too shall pass."

PRUNE: An embarrassing moment?

MÄDCHEN: I moved from across town and was the new kid in school. The first day of seventh grade. It was pouring rain outside. I came rushing into the lunch room and slipped on the wet floor landing flat on my ass in front of the entire student body. I never lived that down, by the way.

PRUNE: 3 things you swear by daily.

MÄDCHEN: Transcendental Meditation, exercise, and coconut water.

PRUNE: What are you working on?

MÄDCHEN: Changing the mental health care system in America, developing a show for Showtime, and returning to film season three of Riverdale.

PRUNE: Where can we find you on the weekend?

MÄDCHEN: Either at a Korean scrub spa, hiking with my children or cycling with my husband.

PRUNE: What are you binge watching?

MÄDCHEN: I just finished "Victoria" on Masterpiece Theater and have now started "Black Lightening" on the CW.


Leather sleeve. Darkest star

Dress- Gordana

Jewelry- Wafa by Wafa


Suit: Teatum Jones

Shoes: K. Hampton

Jewelry: Alberian and Aulde

PRUNE: What is your skin care routine?

MÄDCHEN: Jan Marini skin care and regular facials with Biba De Sousa.

PRUNE: What song are you playing on repeat?

MÄDCHEN: "Sink" by Jamie Lane and "If These Walls Could Talk" by Kendrick Lamar.

PRUNE: What did you do on your last date?

MÄDCHEN: I took my husband for a Thai massage spa date for his birthday.

Lace sleeves- Darkest Star

Gown- Rouba G.

Jewelry- Alberian and Aulde

PRUNE: Where can we follow you?

MÄDCHEN: I am at @madchenamick on instagram, twitter and facebook. I also have a website that links to all of my latest projects.

Shot on location at Malibu Modern Paradise



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